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57 Preston New Road | Blackburn | BB2 6AY



0125459261 (24/7)


Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

at Bank View Smile Studios

Helping Anxious Patient Claire To Transform Her Smile


Using Composite Bonding To Transform A Smile


“Better Than I Thought It Would Be” Says Donna


“In Just Over 2 Hours, Frida Had Her Smile Transformed”


“Adele Can’t Wait To Show Her Husband Her New Smile”


Fazila give us the thumbs up

Success Stories


Paul gives us 2 thumbs up for his absolutely amazing, straight, white pain free, relaxing smile makeover

Success Stories


“Straight teeth in just 6-7 months”


“It’s Something That I’ve Wanted For A Very Long Time”


“It’s great to see the amazing work you are doing” Says Ashif

It’s great to see the amazing work you are doing, I bet the patient feels more confident with there smile and feel that they can actually open their mouth without being self conscious!

Keep up the vids, as these have super impact, real people, real scenarios! May you have yet more success in what you do and more awards and recognition for your great work.


“Most Definitely Happy With The Treatment And The Results”


John Feels Like A 30 Year Old Again Now He Has Dental Implants


Correcting Ethan’s Bite With Braces

Success Stories

“Oh Yes, I’m Very Happy With My Veneers”


“It’s never too late to have a smile makeover! Don’t needlessly wait 20 years like Susan!”


“I’m Not Going To Stop Smiling” Says Whitening Patient Isabel


Instant Orthodontics In Just 30 Minutes


“A Thumbs Up For Bank View”

Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories


“My teeth look and feel amazing” Says Lorraine

Success Stories


“It Had Been 40 Years Since Marianne Had Seen A Dentist”


Crikey! Roger’s Absolutely Brilliant Smile Makeover at Bank View Smile Studios


“my smile is now 10 times better than when I first visited”

I first visited Bank View about 18 months ago and was very nervous. My past experience of visiting Dentists wasn’t good!

From the outset, I had no need to worry whatsoever; I quickly learnt that Khalid is a fantastic Dentist!

He is a true pleasure to deal with, and his calm and caring manner is so reassuring and he treats your treatment as a journey.

He guides you through your journey, constantly recapping on progress to date, and looking forward to what is ahead – always focusing on the desired end result.

His knowledge is immense, indeed he is a very skilled man, and I never once felt any pain or discomfort during my restoration work. I particularly appreciate his realistic advice and the way he will always offer the best value options for the long term.

For me it was a long journey, but a worthwhile one, and my smile is now 10 times better than when I first visited.

I also want to say something about the Dental Assistants and Reception staff – they are lovely! Always polite, friendly, welcoming and professional  – well done girls, you are a credit to the practice!

Finally, as I began, I was scared to death of Dentists before my journey with Bank View. Visits to previous practices filled me full of dread!

I can honestly say that visiting my Dentist, Bank View, is now a pleasure, and definitely not something to dread!

Thank you Khalid and the dream team – you are a fantastic crew!

Best Regards

Ian Kent


“39 Years I’ve Been Waiting For That Smile” says Adele


“Khalid gave me my confidence back”

Success Stories


“A Life Changing Experience” Says Hamzah

Success Stories

“You Can’t Tell The Difference. Spot On” Says Ian


“I Am Always Made To Feel That My Custom Is Appreciated” 

Success Stories


Success Stories


“Lisa Is Amazed By Her New Smile”


“See How Our Patients React To Seeing Their New Smile”


Success Stories


Success Stories


“So Natural. They Just Fit Into My Mouth Properly” Says Angela


Rita Says “Wow, That’s Great” 


“Katie Is Amazed At How Her Smile Has Been Transformed”


“I can’t Believe it, they’re amazing” Says Anthony


Below is a letter from Anthony, where he discusses his experiences at Bank View

Success Stories Success Stories

“Perfect” Says Straight Teeth Patient


"Totally Unbelievable" Says Gary

"Thank You So Much For My 90th Birthday Card"

See What Our Patients Say Online...

Success Stories

See What Our Patients Say Online...

Success Stories


“It Really Was Not Painful” Says Former Nervous Dental Patient Sheila 



“That’s Amazing, Better Than I Thought” Says Rachel 


“Thumbs up from Rachel”

 Success Stories


“See What Our Facebook Friends Say About Us”

Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories


“I Used To Be Terrified About Going To The Dentist”

Says ​Ellie Green

Success Stories

“The importance of looking after my teeth has been instilled in me from a very young age by my parents and dentist, so I have always brushed, flossed, used mouthwash and visited the dentist regularly. I think it is because of that that I have good teeth and I haven’t had to have any dental treatment.

When you are young, brushing your teeth is not the most fun thing in the world but I knew it was something I had to do. I think it’s really important to have good teeth. I smile a lot but I have friends who don’t like their teeth and who smile with their mouths closed. I can’t imagine what that must be like – that would be awful for me.

I am going to university in September to study film, photography and cinema and have had a year off travelling in America and Canada. I have seen first hand when I have been photographing people that those who hate their teeth will hide at the back or not want to have their photo taken.

Like a lot of children, I used to be terrified about going to the dentist. But when your appointment is over and you get a sticker, you wonder what you were worried about. Going to the dentist doesn’t bother me at all now and I always enjoy going.

Thomas is an amazing dentist. It’s a lovely practice and I’m really happy here.”

“Khalid Is Brilliant And He Has A Good Team”


“Khalid Is Not Only A Saint But Also A Star And Is My Hero”

Success Stories Success Stories Success Stories

“Khalid Has Done Some Fantastic Work On My Teeth”

“The Expertise Is Second To None”

Success Stories Success Stories

“Thomas Is So Caring & Gentle”

“Pain Free & The Results Have Been Fantastic”

Success Stories

““Never Been To Such A Pain Free Dentist” Says Joan”

“My Implants Look Like My Real Teeth”

Says Andrea Baker

I find the practice attractive and well equipped. The high-tech stuff they have in there is amazing! All the staff are welcoming and friendly and the practice is very patient-centred.

I had four front teeth replaced with dental implants and it was very important to me that they looked natural. About twenty years ago I had had my front teeth knocked out in a skiing accident and a bridge was fitted but this had eventually collapsed.

Success Stories

It was my friends who recommended implants as a procedure. I couldn’t bear the thought of a denture and, because they were my front teeth, I wanted to have the confidence that they were really strong, part of me, and that I would have no embarrassing moments.

Thomas explained everything to me carefully. The treatment was spread over several months and it couldn’t have been made nicer for me by the practice. I had every confidence in Thomas because it was apparent from the start that he was a perfectionist. I had to have bone grafting and although this doesn’t sound good, there was really nothing to it. I would not have known it was happening if I hadn’t been told! Although implants are quite a lengthy process it was painless and well worth it.

The implants look like my real teeth – I even have the little gap that I wanted. I always used to have a small gap between my front teeth and this seemed more natural to me, so Thomas personalised my new teeth and did exactly what I wanted.

Thomas is a technical perfectionist. He has a good ‘eye’ too. I remember him discussing two shades of white to find the best match to my natural teeth and I couldn’t tell the difference between them! He is very gentle and when he was numbing my mouth I often couldn’t even tell. I think he is an unusually good dentist.

A bonus is the view from the dental chair out of a huge window at a lovely tree, which is just so relaxing. It’s the little extras that make the experience pleasant!

“Thank You For My ‘Painless’ Beautiful Teeth”

Success Stories

 “Khalid Has Made A Huge Difference” Says Vincent


“My Teeth, Mouth & Gums Are Feeling Great”

My teeth, mouth and gums are feeling great thanks to your recent herd work. I only wish you could fix eyes, legs and lungs !

Says 91yr old Geoff who has his own teeth and no dentures.


“Thank You So Very Much”

Success Stories Success Stories

“We’re All Very Proud To Come Here” Says Chriss 

 “I Am So Pleased With How My Mouth Feels And Looks”

Says David Holden

Success Stories

“My teeth weren’t really bad but they were looking a little worse for wear and I had a few chips along the edges. I’m an engineer by trade so have spent quite a few years holding spanners in my mouth, which hasn’t helped!

I originally had a bridge but it needed replacing and I needed some other teeth straightening up, so I had some composite veneers that make the best of the healthy tooth tissue. I have also had some metal fillings replaced with invisible, tooth-coloured fillings.

My teeth look really nice now – Khalid is brilliant, he’s an artist. I am so pleased with how my mouth feels and looks, we think Khalid is a genius. Having this treatment has made me feel better and I don’t feel conscious about showing my teeth now.

Khalid explains every single thing in great detail before he does anything. He also explains any technical terms in language that you can fully understand. This makes a real difference and stops your treatment being a surprise. You know exactly what is going to happen because he breaks it all down for you first.

The practice has a focus on health and hygiene and they have explained how to look after my teeth properly, by keeping the gum line clean, brushing properly and using floss and small dental brushes. I see Josie the hygienist. She’s terrific and takes a lot of time on your teeth, getting them strong and healthy.

I would definitely recommend for anyone to come and visit Bank View Smile Studios. You don’t have to commit, just go and have a chat with them first. They really are excellent.”

“Thorough & Painless”

Says Mr Nicholson

Success Stories

“The Treatment Has Been Excellent” Says Rodger

“The Treatments Are Totally Pain Free”

Success Stories

“I Received Swift And Pain-Free Attention”

Says John Bertalot

“I marvel, not only in the amazing technology that dentists now use (so very different from my childhood years) but I also marvel at Dr Master’s personal friendliness and relaxed approach, which now makes a visit to this dentist a pleasure. When I was very much younger a dentist’s surgery was a place to dread but now we live in a different world.

Success Stories

I find Dr Master so welcoming – he shakes my hand on the way into his surgery and again on the way out. He explains everything very calmly, which makes the whole visit a restful process, and it doesn’t hurt!

When I visited the practice recently I received swift and pain-free attention to mend a cracked incisor by creating half a new tooth. Now I can’t tell the repaired tooth from the others.

Patients new to Bank View Smile Studios will find that the staff are equally friendly, helpful and welcoming. The whole atmosphere is calm and the staff clearly enjoy their work. Patients will experience a skilful dentist who is interested in each patient, and who will explain the treatment so clearly, and they will receive the very best treatment from him. Long may Bank View Smile Studios flourish in our midst.”

“No More Fear Of The Dentist”

Success Stories Success Stories Success Stories “I No Longer Dread Going To The Dentist” Says Ken

“I Now Feel That I Can Smile Again”

Says Judith Marsden

Success Stories

“I would recommend Bank View Smile Studios to anyone. I will be forever grateful for all the respect and care that I have been shown by the staff at Bank View Smile Studios and my dentist, Dr Sarpong, and the confidence that he has given back to me.

What is striking is the way the practice is decorated. It somehow seems to give a calming feeling and the receptionists always make me feel a lot less tense. The way patients are treated by all staff is exemplary. Their friendliness makes the whole place shine. The kindness shown to me during my treatment gave me much needed confidence and totally alleviated my fears.

I first attended the practice as an emergency patient because I was in severe pain. My feelings were of disgust with myself that I had let my appointments slide. I first saw Dr Master who made me feel a lot better and as my guilt surfaced, he calmed me and as he listened to my explanation he said ‘You are here now and that’s what matters’.

At my next appointment, Dr Sarpong explained the infection was in my gum and he gave me so much reassurance that I began to feel much better about things. I was given instructions on how to clean my teeth – something I had never been given before. The cost of the appointment was worth more than its weight in gold as I have indeed felt the benefits and seen them ever since.

I have since had a smile enhancement by way of composite fillings to my front teeth, which had worn down quite considerably, and I now feel that I can smile again. It wasn’t until they were done that I realised I had never smiled too much because I felt uncomfortable about the way my teeth looked. I was quite self-conscious and used to keep my mouth closed in photographs. But when he showed me in the mirror what he’d done, I just couldn’t believe it. I’m really, really pleased.

I looked back at some wedding photos recently and saw that Dr Sarpong had made my teeth exactly the same shape. It was absolutely amazing – they were just the same as when I got married 42 years ago! I knew he’d done a really good job but to actually see my teeth just as they looked when I got married was unbelievable.

Their heading states ‘Excellence delivered with passion’ – this is an understatement. We are fortunate to have this practice, which is second to none.”

“My Grateful Thanks And Appreciation”

Success Stories

“I Wish I Had Had This Done Years Ago”

Say Marian Holden

“Having my teeth done has made such a difference and I have had so many remarks from people about how lovely my teeth are. Khalid has done a fantastic job – I wish I had had this done years ago. When Khalid took over the practice and told me what he could do and what was possible, I thought, this is my chance!

I had started to notice that my teeth were discolouring with age but it wasn’t until my grandchildren said ‘why are your teeth yellow Grandma’ that I knew I had to do something. I had a week of home whitening and then came into the practice for Zoom laser whitening, which was amazing. I had already started to notice a difference within days of using the trays but this made a big difference.

The edges of my front teeth had chipped slightly over the years and Khalid suggested improving them. I also had a side tooth bonded with composite, which doesn’t damage the teeth as much as other treatments. As Khalid was doing the treatment he kept saying ‘just you wait until you see your teeth’ and I couldn’t believe it. What he’s achieved is fantastic.

Then I had all my silver fillings replaced with white ones, which are completely invisible. I had three or more done in one go and the whole experience was painless, with hardly any anaesthetic at all. All of my treatment was done and finished within four months!

Khalid is brilliant. I’m not nervous about going to the dentist, I’m lucky in that it’s never bothered me. Khalid makes you feel so relaxed and he’s very easy to talk to. He always explains things so well and let’s you know what he’s going to do.

I see Josie the hygienist and she’s absolutely brilliant too. I used to see her every four months to start with but I see her every six months now because the health of my teeth and gums has improved. I floss and use the little brushes twice a day now, religiously. I was always good at doing this but since I’ve had my treatment, I do it even more often as I want to keep my teeth as nice as possible.

I am so, so pleased with my treatment at Bank View Smile Studios – I really can’t praise them enough.”

“Such A Lovely Surprise”

Success Stories

“I Now Have Trust In My Dentist, Where There Was None Before”

Says Gavin Horricks

Success Stories

“I had a bad experience as a child and it’s had a knock-on effect for me as an adult. This has meant I have avoided seeing a dentist, so when I have had to see one, it’s been for all the wrong reasons, mainly because I’ve been in pain.

I’m so nervous in the dental chair that I stop breathing, go red in the face and have nervous sweating. I was really embarrassed by this but I explained everything to Thomas, who said we would take my appointments slowly and that I wouldn’t be rushed.

I have had about ten appointments at Bank View Smile Studios now and every time it gets easier. I do still worry but I don’t avoid the dentist like I did and that’s thanks to them being so friendly and caring, and all the time that they give you. I can’t fault them.

When I was about seven I had gas and air so that the dentist could extract a tooth but I came round midway through the treatment, just as he was about to pull the tooth out. I woke up to see him right in my face with a handful of dental instruments. It was a really bad shock and even as an adult in the dental chair I have a transparent overlay of this experience.

Over the last ten years I have seen four dentists, including Thomas. The others were Limited NHS – and one of them was later on TV after appearing in court! The final straw came when I visited an Limited NHS dentist with toothache and he told me the only option was to pull the tooth out. I was given no other choice and he didn’t even take an x-ray. Alarm bells started ringing as I didn’t want to lose another tooth, so I said no thank you and walked out. Thanks to Bank View I have still got that tooth.

The difference is incredible. I now have trust in my dentist, where there was none before. I am really happy with Bank View Smile Studios, they are absolutely fantastic. The whole team is really smiley and the practice is in a beautiful converted house. As soon as you step inside it’s not like a clinical environment at all.

I bring my children to see Thomas because I know they will grow up without any fear. I don’t want a bad experience to ruin their lives and I want them not to have any worries about visiting the dentist. I recommend this practice to my friends, neighbours and colleagues without a shadow of a doubt. I can easily understand why they have won an award – they are brilliant.”

“The Service, Expertise And Uderstanding Is Supreme”Success Stories

“I Am Not Scared Of The Dentist Anymore!”

Says Heather McGowan

“After some very painful and fearful dental work gave me a terrible dental phobia, a friend suggested Bank View. A tennis accident many years ago meant that I had suffered dodgy caps and bridges to cover the missing teeth for most of my adult life. I assumed that permanently uncomfortable and discoloured teeth were my lot, unless I won the lottery and travelled to Hollywood!

Success Stories

The waiting area at Bank View has a homely, comfortable feel which is much more calming than a cold clinical place. The staff are always helpful and friendly, and more importantly, competent in what they do. The hygienists make my teeth sparkle!

My first assessment was with Thomas and due to my phobia and the type of work I needed, he recommended me to Khalid. I really appreciated this professional honesty.

When I first met Khalid, he worked extremely hard to put my mind at rest. He made his recommendations and I was under no pressure whatsoever to make choices. He broke down treatments into shorter more manageable appointments for someone with such a fear of the ‘chair’. I never felt rushed or made to feel silly if I was tearful. His patience and kindness was second to none.

After many months, I can now say I am not scared of the dentist anymore! Every treatment has been fantastic, I have no pain or sensitivity in my teeth at all anymore, and I can smile with confidence. I even trust Khalid to look after my 4 year old’s teeth. On our second visit, Khalid even remembered he loved cars and produced a car magazine. He now thinks the dentist is fun!

Thomas and Khalid are both very professional in their approach with extreme patience and understanding. You can tell that they genuinely want you to look your best with a healthy smile.”

“Total Confidence And Trust In All The Staff”

Success Stories

“It Is The Best Money I Have Ever Spent!”

Says Peter Callan

Success Stories

“My mouth had become a bit of a mess and things had started to go wrong. As I was moving house, I decided to find a new dental practice and I found Khalid’s old practice in the Yellow Pages. I followed him from that practice to here.

Khalid, Thomas and the staff always make me feel very welcome – like royalty in fact. I am made to feel that my custom is very important to them and that it is appreciated. Khalid and I bonded right away and I consider him a friend. I don’t know whether he swots up before my appointment but he always remembers my children’s names and he knows I have grandchildren and where they all live.

Anyone joining the practice would be pleasantly surprised at how helping and kind the staff are. I have also had an appointment with Thomas and he is just the same. They explain everything in great detail and really take their time during appointments.

In my teenage years I had a front tooth knocked out and I have since had a partial denture. Khalid has improved this and made me a new one. He applies such attention to detail that they look like my natural teeth and blend in seamlessly. I also have some very realistic crowns that have been characterised to match my neighbouring teeth. You really can’t tell the difference.

A few years ago, it came as a great shock to me when I found out that I snored. Distraught, I first went to the doctors but he could do nothing to help me. Then we tried various remedies, ear plugs, throat sprays, nasal sprays, nasal strips even a special ring with ‘magic’ properties and a wrist watch that delivered an electric shock on the inside of my wrist every time I snored.

During a visit to Bank View Smile Studios I noticed a poster for SleepWell anti-snoring devices and Khalid explained how the device worked. In desperation I decided to go along this route but I will admit to still being somewhat sceptical. However, when I set my lower jaw into the position in which the device would hold it, I could not manage to force a snore!

At first it was tricky but after a few nights it became second nature. The most important thing is that I did not snore and I have never snored since whilst I have been wearing it. It is the best money I have ever spent!“

“I Have Lost All Fear And Actually Enjoy Coming To The Dentists”

Success Stories

“Khalid Has Transformed My Smile & My Fear of Dentists”

Says Nick Walmsley

“Before I was treated by Khalid I hadn’t seen a dentist for six or seven years because of a bad experience. I was forced to see a dentist because of an emergency and it was my sister-in-law who recommended that I call Khalid.

Khalid was the on-call dentist and he saw me the following day. From then on the treatment has been a pleasure to be honest. It has been remarkable, he has transformed my smile and my fear of dentists.

Success Stories

My wife and our two-year-old son are now patients and it is great to see my son sitting in the chair happily smiling away, having a totally different experience of dentists than I did. I always seemed to get the butcher – and that scars you mentally. Khalid has completely reversed that. He has a calm temperament, he listens to you and explains everything.

The practice is also very efficient and every appointment I’ve had has been on time. I have never had to wait. Once I am in the chair I feel I can openly discuss anything with Khalid. He puts me totally at ease. Before, the dentist had to hold my head in position. It was easier to not go and put up with any dental problems.

Since that emergency treatment for a cracked tooth, I have never looked back. Khalid has worked through my entire mouth and transformed my outlook and my teeth. When I look back at photos I’m embarrassed about the state my teeth had got to.

I have had tooth whitening that was carried out at home and a new veneer on my front tooth. It matches my other teeth brilliantly and I can’t tell when I look in the mirror or when I touch my teeth with my tongue. It feels and looks perfect – and I’m a perfectionist! I have also had silver fillings replaced with white ones and any rough parts sorted out.

I live in Accrington and even if we moved 30 miles further away, I’d still travel. I promote the practice as much as I can and lots of people comment on my teeth, which is something I have never experienced before. I have nothing but praise for them.”

“I Feel No Anxiety Beforehand Now”

Says Cameron Ashton

Success Stories

“Historically there has always been quite a problem with my teeth, which I put down to being given Ribena in a bottle as a child. It was the done thing back then apparently. I have had health concerns with my teeth and my gums have been a problem too. I was also nervous about going to the dentist – even as an adult – and I would grip the chair in fear, expecting pain.

Thomas and the team at Bank View Smile Studios have been great and I feel no anxiety beforehand now. I trust Thomas 100 per cent. He’s fantastic at explaining things and is an absolute star – the whole team are too.

For 20 years I’ve suffered from abscesses and would be up for nights on end with the pain. This would happen once or twice a year but Thomas knew exactly what it was and unfortunately the tooth had to come out, it was the only way to beat it.

Because the tooth was healthy and I really didn’t want to lose it, I ignored Thomas at first and sought a second opinion. I had a series of appointments at the hospital but they told me that my dentist was absolutely right. I should have listened to him from the start. Since Thomas took the tooth out, I’ve been absolutely fine.

The health of my teeth has never been better and I have absolute confidence in my teeth now. I also see Josie the hygienist and she has taken the time to show me how to floss properly. I must be doing a good job because she’s normally quite pleased with me!

I would recommend private dental treatment. I pay about £13 a month and it’s well worth it – I also get to see the hygienist for that too. The Limited NHS had started charging quite a bit in my opinion. At Bank View I don’t have to pay an annual registration fee and I get a 12.5 per cent discount, so it works out much cheaper compared to pay-as-you-go. I also spend about 30 to 35 minutes in the chair so I get really good preventative care that you just can’t get if you spend 5 minutes with the dentist.

Parking can be a bit of a problem in Blackburn but there’s one-hour, on-street parking outside the practice, so it’s never been an issue. Everyone is always welcoming and they seem to have fun at work. They know me by name – in fact they know everyone by name. They have all been there for years, which is great because it means you can get to know them. We have a laugh and I was whingeing last time that all the kids get stickers, so why don’t we. I got a well done sticker too!”

Are you ready to take the next step?

Do you want to transform your smile in a calm, caring, judgement free environment at an Award Winning dental practice? Request a “Calm & Gentle” 36 point comprehensive smile and mouth assessment at Bank View Smile Studios. Just pop your details into the form below to get started.

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