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Judgement Free Dentistry

Judgement Free Dentistry

We promise we will not judge you or your mouth

Many people may have not seen in a dentist for years. They may have experienced pain or fear at a past appointment and haven’t wanted to go back. Does that sound familiar? What happens next is you become embarrassed by your teeth and the health of your mouth and as a result you put off seeing the dentist again.

Unfortunately, this is a vicious circle as the fear of being judged by the dentist actually starts to become a real source of stress and anxiety.

That is where Bank View Smile Studios fit in. We never, ever judge anyone that comes to see us. It’s one of the promises that we make.

Our interest is in your well-being and nothing more. The last thing that you need is a disapproving look from us. We will work with you to overcome your initial fears and doubts and then move forward, restoring your smile, your confidence and your faith in dentists.

“Helping Anxious Patient Claire To Transform Her Smile”

Still not convinced? We encourage you to watch some more of our testimonial videos or read some of our online reviews. Here is a review that we feel sums up your experience when you come to Bank View Smile Studios.

Judgement Free Dentistry


“Calm gentle and non-judgemental dentistry is what is promised and that is exactly what is delivered along with a professional but friendly, welcoming and caring service by all the team

If you are embarrassed about the state of your teeth or nervous about visiting a dentist, I would definitely recommend an appointment at Bank View Smile Studios. They are all brilliant and put you at your ease as soon as you walk through the door.

I first came to the surgery a few months ago after, for various reasons, not having visited a dentist for about 8 years. My teeth had deteriorated badly and as things got worse , the greater my anxiety about visiting a dentist had become. I was ashamed of the appalling state of my teeth and infected gums and the reaction of the dentist was one of my main fears.

It really helped that, having finally plucked up the courage to ring and explain that I was nervous and would like to speak with someone before I saw the dentist, I was given an appointment for that day to go to speak with Kathy one of the smile advisors. Having listened to my concerns, Kathy suggested that it would be helpful for me to meet the dentist straight away. That was exactly right for me as it meant that I was enabled to overcome one of my main anxieties at that first appointment.

As promised Dr Khalid didn’t criticise me at all and at no time during my treatment was I made to feel uncomfortable or judged for the state of my teeth. Quite the opposite, he showed understanding, patience and care at all times. That was so important to me.

He is a very skilful dentist. He carried out the necessary extractions quickly and painlessly despite the fact that many of my teeth were broken down to gum level. He very skilfully restored a tooth that I had thought beyond repair and closed a gap between my 2 lower front teeth which had been a source of embarrassment for some time.

I knew I was going to need dentures and was concerned about how they might look but Dr Khalid and his technician have crafted dentures which I look really natural. I am very impressed that he was able to do that with very little evidence of how my teeth had looked originally! Quite a challenge! It is an added bonus that the colour of my teeth has also been lightened.

Throughout my treatment I have felt comfortable with and very confident in Dr Khalid. He always explained what he was going to do and the outcome has been just as he promised.

Before coming to the practice, I had been embarrassed when speaking to people and would always try not show my teeth when I smiled. l now feel much more confident in speaking to people and it is lovely to be able to smile properly again and, also, not to have the worry of what will happen next time I visit the dentist.

Thank you so much to all the team – you’re all brilliant! I wouldn’t normally write such a long detailed review but I just hope it might help someone who is perhaps feeling the same way that I was to take that step to ring and make an appointment. I’m certainly very glad that I did and only wish that I had done it a long time ago.”

Lynda – 5* Google Review


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Judgement Free Dentistry

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